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A Rock Soild Company
With business deep-rooted in Taiwan over 50 years

In 1958, The President Group founded the Ta Shin Department Store - The first department store in Taiwan, followed by the President Department Store – the largest format of its kind in Southeast Asia, Ta-Lee Istan, the first Japanese style department store, and Costco Taiwan – the first membership hypermarket in Taiwan. Over the years, the President Group has expand into a full-range of retall business, including department stores, hypermarkets and restaurants.

For half a century, the President Group insists on striving for the best in every business venture, grows on soild ground, and provides the best service to customers. The group has been innovative in expanding its business and making “ President” into a world-class brand.

It has also been continuously cooperating with the U.S. and Japan for the introduction of a globalized management philosophy in its successful opening of President Department Store (Ho Ping), Ta Lee, President Department Store (Wu Fu), and Costco.

With over half a century of experience and performance, President Group is offering the safest guarantee for each and every partner.